Podcast: Taking a Sexual History

This podcast will teach you techniques on how to take a full sexual history and provides examples of the phrasing you can use. Taking a sexual history can be a daunting task, as we are asking our patients to answer very personal questions about themselves, which can make both them and us feel uncomfortable. This can be an important part of your history and should not be left out if clinically indicated. It is vital that you practice taking a sexual history, as your confidence and ability to address uncomfortable issues will improve with practice.

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Written and produced by: Rachel Pilling & Celine Lakra
Length: 6m 49s (3.12Mb)

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Keywords: sexual history; privacy; risk; contraception;

written by: celine_lakra; rachel_pilling, first posted on: 15/09/15; 10:39

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Ekdudgeon says...
Hey! Thanks so much for these great resources...it would be great if these were available in the iphone podcasts app so that you can download them and store them on your phone!
POSTED ON: 19/11/16, 09:51
Joel_cunningham says...
Hi Ekdudgeon,

Thanks very much for your comment - great to hear that you have found them useful.

It should be possible to download the podcast as an mp3 file by clicking on the link just below the audio player above (where it says "Click here to download file"). If this isn't working for you then please get in touch (contact@osce-aid.co.uk) and I can take a closer look.

I do like your idea of finding a home for our podcasts on some podcast apps however - we will take a look at this in the New Year and see what we can come up with!

Best wishes,

POSTED ON: 28/12/16, 11:22

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