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Station of the week

Name: Explaining Warfarin
Time to revise:10 minutes
What's important: Know the indications and important side effects and risk

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Welcome to our online revision community for medical students and junior doctors. We are a group of junior doctors who have set out to develop a library of resources on clinical examination, communication skills and practical procedures to help you revise for Medical 'OSCEs'. Our resources combine our experience, our favourite revision books and websites, the best of medical school teaching, and your comments!

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The Future of OSCE-Aid

Dear OSCE-Aid Community,

After spending the past 7 years building our online revision hub, OSCE-Aid.co.uk, and welcoming students from across the country over the past 5 years at our annual revision courses, we have made the decision to hang up our OSCE-Aid stethoscopes and we will be putting the organisation... More>>

Posted by: joel_cunningham on: 18/09/2018; 21:02

**2018 OSCE-Aid Course Materials Book NOW ON SALE**

Our ‘2018 Course Book’ includes:

  • Cardiology, Respiratory, Hepatology, Renal and Neurology ‘Common Case’ lectures
  • Surgery and Orthopaedics ‘Common Case’ lectures
  • History-taking ‘Top Tips’
  • Study group scenarios: data interpretation, communication skills, epidemiology scenarios, musculoskeletal examination stations, fluid balance assessment
  • Our *UNIQUE* ‘Presenting Skills for Finals’ revision tool

We have approximately 50 books for sale this year... More>>

Posted by: joel_cunningham on: 18/02/2018; 17:10

Communication in Medicine: making yourself understood

In this month’s blog, Joel considers the troubles that we can all face when trying to communicate with other medical professionals. Do you know your ALS from your ALS? (yes, they are different). How would you communicate in an emergency? Do you know the common pitfalls in medical communication?

Clear communication... More>>

Posted by: joel_cunningham on: 19:34; 02/11/2017