The OSCE-Aid Revision Course

OSCE-Aid ran our first revision course in 2014. We wanted an opportunity to use our peer-edited teaching materials in seminar and workshop settings to help medical students polish their OSCE skills before the ever-important exams. Our team of tutors welcomed over 200 students during 2 structured day-long courses in 2014 held in London. We received very positive feedback and will be developing our course materials over coming years to try to give our students the best possible revision experience. Read more below:

Upcoming course dates and programmes

Aims, content and ethos

OSCE-Aid was set up as a revision community to help medical students get the most from their OSCE revision. Moreover, we realise that the skills that medical students learn for OSCEs for a significant part of their practice as a junior doctor. Our OSCE-Aid Finals Revision Course aims to provide a structured enviroment for medical students to cover the topics important for Finals, with added hints and tips for clinical practice. We realise that medical students are pushed for time in the run up to Finals. We have designed our course to maximise the number of topics covered, whilst also covering the parts of each topic which are rarely taught but frequently examined!


We collect feedback each time we run a teaching session or course. We value all feedback that we receive as it helps us focus the content and delivery of our teaching towards the needs of our medical student audience. We recieve a great deal of positive feedback each year about the atmosphere of our sessions, the quality of the tutors and the appropriateness of our session content. We have expanded our course to cover data interpretation and presenting skills based on our feedback, and we have also used the feedback to ensure that our students get the most out of the time available in each course!


What is the aim of this course?
OSCE-Aid focuses on the practical aspects of the Final Year assessments, and our course provides an intense day of sessions to enhance your revision and teach some of the more difficult parts of the standard OSCE syllabus. You will receive a half-day of Common Case lectures from experienced doctors which will cover the common cases found in Finals examinations and give you the confidence and tips to make sure you impress the examiners. In addition, you will have a half-day of small group practical workshops which allow you to discuss and practice some of the more difficult parts of an OSCE circuit with the feedback and guidance of junior doctors.
How much do the tickets cost?
There are several ticket options available on our Eventbrite page. Your ticket price will include the whole day course and hot drink refreshments morning/afternoon. You will also receive a free book containing all course materials, a few of our favourite key examinations, and a 'top tips for your examination' exclusive document. Please note, we will have a limited capacity for each course date and tickets will be on a first-come first-serve basis.
Do you provide refunds?
Due to the nature of the costs for this event we can only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances. If you are unable to attend the course then please email us early at and we can discuss the options. In the unlikely event that a course date is cancelled, we will provide ticket refunds.
Do you make a profit from the tickets?
At OSCE-Aid, we want to remain transparent with our students. OSCE-Aid Course fees cover the cost of venue hire, tutor and organiser reimbursement, printing and refreshments. Any profit will be used to help expand OSCE-Aid and train our team.
What should I bring on the day?
We will provide you with a booklet containing the lectures and small group workshops with mark schemes on the day. It is wise to bring your own stethoscope. We also advise all attendees to bring lunch along with them as we unfortunately cannot provide lunch on the day and the break is limited. Finally, it is vital that you bring enthusiasm for getting involved (especially in the workshop stations!) as this will help you get the most from the day.
I am not yet a Final year medical student - can I still come?
Our course is focused on the revision needs of a Final year student but does cover the same sort of topics that you would cover during any clinical year of medical school. We welcome students from any clinical year (generally, the final 3 years of any medical school course), but it is important to make sure that you are familiar with examining all main systems before you attend. If you are not a Final year student then please flag that up to workshop tutors at the beginning of each practical session and they can adjust as appropriate.
I don't cover 'x', 'y', or 'z' in my medical school syllabus - should I still attend?
On occasion, we find that some students are not required to learn certain topics for their own medical school exams. We have tried to cover a broad range of topics in our workshops and we focus on those which are taught less frequently in medical school curricula. We suggest that all students will benefit from all of the sessions in our timetable. Even if you are not tested on all of the topics in your Finals, all of these sessions will provide transferable skills and are bound to help when you begin medical practice after graduation.

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