Podcast: Breaking Confidentiality

This podcast will teach you how to deal with issues surrounding breaking confidentiality. These kinds of stations have the potential to become confrontational, however this can be avoided if you focus your attention on providing the support that you are able to give the patient directly. These stations are testing not only your communications skills but ensuring that you have a sound understanding of the key principles of confidentiality.

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Written and produced by: Rachel Pilling & Celine Lakra
Length: 7m 36s (3.47Mb)

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Keywords: complaint; apologising; empathy; mistake; communication;

written by: celine_lakra; rachel_pilling, first posted on: 15/09/15; 10:35

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doctor k says...
Thank y very much for this informative podocast
POSTED ON: 10/03/17, 22:02

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