Podcast: A Demanding Patient

This podcast will teach you how to manage a demanding or difficult patient. In a clinical consultation, there may be a mismatch of the patientís and doctorís agendas. For example, a patient may perceive that they need antibiotics for a throat infection whereas the doctor may disagree. This can lead to challenging conversations requiring good communication skills, for example if a patient felt potentially feel let down or angry that their request is not being met. We will discuss how best to handle this sort of scenario here with key tips and an example.

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Written and produced by: Rachel Pilling & Celine Lakra
Length: 8m 13s (3.76Mb)

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Keywords: agendas; demanding; empathy; agreeing a plan; explaining;

written by: celine_lakra; rachel_pilling, first posted on: 15/09/15; 10:37

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