November update: new resources, new team members!

We’ve just uploaded a selection of brand new resources in our OSCE guides section, written by some brand new OSCE-Aid team members! We’ve welcomed several new ‘Speciality Editors’ over the past few months – junior doctors who are writing new materials for their specific areas of interest.

Adam has been writing some comprehensive guides to some of the key components on mental health history taking and suicide risk assessment. Clare has produced a whole range of radiology guides for use when preparing for OSCEs. Naina has written stations on counselling for HIV testing and examining to find the source of a pyrexia. We also have a brand new abdominal examination guide from George, and a thorough back pain history summary from Anita.

Also, it is really worth while checking out our new ‘Podcasts’ section if you haven’t yet had a listen. We will be adding more new podcasts soon. Celine and Rachel have been working hard to produce bitesized communication skills guides for you to use at home or on the move!

Remember, if you would like to get in touch to suggest new OSCE resources that you think would be useful, or if you would like to discuss getting involved with our team, then we always welcome emails to

Happy revising!

written by: joel_cunningham, first posted on: 12/11/15; 14:10


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