Finals Revision Course: 30/01/2016

We are excited to announce the OSCE-Aid Finals Revision Course is back for 2016! The layout of the course will be similar to previous years, with half a day of interactive workshops, and half a day of systems-based lectures with tips for how to approach the common-cases seen in Finals. This year we have expanded our group of committed tutors and revamped our teaching resources in order to provide you with the even more top tips on how to fly through your Finals OSCE.

Date: Saturday 30th January 2016

Location: North Middlesex University Hospital (Please note changed location as of 20.01.2016 due to circumstances beyond our control)


  • Lectures half-day
    • Respiratory Signs (20 mins)
    • Cardiology Signs (20 mins)
    • Hepatology Signs (30 mins)
    • Trauma & Orthopaedics and General Surgery (90 mins)
    • Questions (15 mins)
    • Neurology Signs (30 mins)
    • Renal Signs (30 mins)
    • Long Station History Station (10 mins)
    • Questions (15 mins)

  • Small group workshop half-day
    • Musculoskeletal/GALS
    • Presenting skills
    • Communication skills
    • Epidemiology
    • Death certification and confirmation
    • Fluid balance assessment
    • Data interpretation

*subject to change


There is a small ticket fee for attending the course. This is to cover the expense of organising the course. Your ticket price will include the whole day course and hot drink refreshments morning/afternoon. We have made the decision to not print materials this year as we supply lecture materials in advance and most attendees bring pads or laptops. We also advise all attendees to bring lunch along with them as we unfortunately cannot provide lunch on the day and the lunch break is limited. Any surplus that we make from ticketing this course will be used to help maintain and develop OSCE-Aid further. Please note, we will have a limited capacity and tickets will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Additionally, due to the nature of costs for this event will can only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances. No refunds will be issued after 21st January.

Eventbrite - OSCE-Aid Medical Finals Revision Course: 30/01/2016


The course will be held at The Whittington Hospital Education Centre. Directions to the course will be provided in full to attendees.

For more details and for answers to commonly asked questions about the course, please visit our course page. For any further queries, please get in touch at .

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