#FOAMed (Free Open Access Meducation)

The internet is a gold mine for Medical Students. Encyclopaedias, interactive tutorials, guideline databases and question banks are all online in abundance. Most junior doctors will have a list of their favourite websites - the ones that got them through Finals!

The #FOAMed community is growing rapidly with numerous websites and lots of Twitter streams of new and innovative medical education resources. We are compiling a list of all the best online resources, with ratings and tips on how to get the best from each website. Vitally, we want YOU to contribute to this database so that we make sure we find even the most elusive online gems - if you have any links that you find invaluable then submit them using our simple form.

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A great website for looking at ways to conduct medical examinations/practicals. Be warned you sometimes have to search for comprehensive and quality videos.
posted by: celine_lakra, on: 28/08/12, 20:47
Movies 4 Medics
Very good website created by a BSMS lecturer, with a lot of flash animation videos made by medical students about a variety of biomedical science topics. Novel teaching method!
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 07/12/13, 18:29
MedCalc 3000
An encyclopaedia of medical scoring systems - useful if you like using them on the ward.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 10/12/13, 17:36
A brilliant idea in the world of #FOAMed - a true medicine wiki! Sign up and start contributing...the world of medicine is vast.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 10/04/15, 07:58
An interesting forum covering everything from surviving medical school to passing exams and preparing for life as a junior doctor. Based in the US.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 10/04/15, 08:02
A Day in the Life of an FY1
The A Day in the Life of an FY1 course was designed by junior doctors in response to a perceived gap in professionalism training between graduation from medical school and the first day of work for Foundation Year 1 doctors. The course can be implemented in any UK hospital trust induction week - there are resources and tutor guides for a half-day course which focuses on the professional skills required to work as a newly graduated FY1. Further information and contact details available on the website. **Conflict of interest - I am on the team!**
posted by: Joel_cunningham, on: 01/04/16, 13:18
Geeky Medics
Plenty of decent guides to clinical skills for OSCEs
posted by: ridley, on: 28/02/17, 18:36
medicalschoolhq.net - Specialty Stories
Great set of podcasts containing interviews with different specialty doctors from the US, describing their specialty and how they work. A few of the small bits and pieces are different from here in the UK, but it looks like a really useful resource for medical students and junior doctors who are looking for resources to help them plan their career.
posted by: Joel_cunningham, on: 01/01/18, 20:47

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