#FOAMed (Free Open Access Meducation)

The internet is a gold mine for Medical Students. Encyclopaedias, interactive tutorials, guideline databases and question banks are all online in abundance. Most junior doctors will have a list of their favourite websites - the ones that got them through Finals!

The #FOAMed community is growing rapidly with numerous websites and lots of Twitter streams of new and innovative medical education resources. We are compiling a list of all the best online resources, with ratings and tips on how to get the best from each website. Vitally, we want YOU to contribute to this database so that we make sure we find even the most elusive online gems - if you have any links that you find invaluable then submit them using our simple form.

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Selected Category: Cardiology (7 posted):

Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts
A good site for the basics of cardiovascular pharmacology - possibly more useful for earlier years/core science modules, but I found it helped when faced with a daunting list of anti-arrhythmic agents.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 30/06/12, 14:27
ECG Learning Center
Another utah.edu site - this time on ECGs. A comprehensive site with step-by-step tutorials on ECGs (though possibly overkill for normal exams - I used a combination of ECG Made Easy and the OHCM). There is a large bank of sample normal/abnormal ECGs which is very useful for practicing presentations and testing friends.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 03/07/12, 11:09
Haven't used it a great deal yet, but seems to be a good ECG encyclopaedia to look up specific phenomenon and conditions.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 04/11/12, 17:51
Tutorials in hearts sounds and ECGs.
posted by: cyfung, on: 09/11/12, 00:06
Cardiology.org ECG Library
Basic format but a pretty comprehensive resource for studying the nuances of ECG analysis, with a bit of pathology, electrophysiology, and clinical advice.
posted by: joel_cunningham, on: 06/05/13, 19:43
ECG Simulator
A fantastic quick revision diversion if you've had enough of reading textbooks. The simulator has a surprising number of ECGs for you to match and it's great to try diagnosing arrhythmias on a 'monitor' rather than a full 12 lead ECG. The only slightly unclear bit is that you have to manually move between the levels (in the menu) in order to get the more difficult ECGs.
posted by: Joel_cunningham, on: 09/03/16, 08:18
posted by: amalelhamaky80@gmail.com, on: 05/03/18, 13:02

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