Joining the OSCE-Aid Team

OSCE-Aid is a reliable, peer-led revision website that aims to support medical students during their development as medical practioners. More recently, OSCE-Aid has begun to develop as a online forum for medical students and junior doctors to read about and discuss important medical eduction topics and think about the role of medical students and junior doctors in the wider medical community. We receive around 10,000 visits per month to our website from all over the world, and we host over 100 medical students each year in our national Finals revision courses.

If you are interested in medical education, we may have the perfect role for you! We are constantly trying out new projects and writing new material for our website. If you want to develop resources for your future speciality of choice, spearhead our next project on multimedia medical education, or become one of our respected 'OSCE-Aid Tutors' then get in touch! Please see below for the current positions available on our team.

Joining our online team - become a 'Speciality Editor'

This is the perfect job for those junior doctors who have an specific area of medical interest or who have already chosen their future career path and would like to prove their commitment. We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated 'Speciality Editors' to develop online revision resources for their speciality area of choice. You can make podcasts, videos, or simple revision guides the choice is entirely yours and we are here to support you! Not only would this be a great addition to your CV, it gives you an excellent chance to revise topics that you may be asked about in speciality interviews and gives you the opportunity to help medical students face the daunting task of OSCE revision!

We would hope for one to two resources per month from you, though we are very flexible and understand that exam/interview/life commitments sometimes have to come first! You do not need experience in web editing, though good english skills and a healthy familiarity with Microsoft Word (or equivalent) are important.

Current specialties requiring tutors:

  • General Practice
  • Rena Medicinel
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiology

If this is a role that appeals to you, please send us no more than 300 words detailing why you are interested in the role and any relevant experience that you already have, as well as an up-to-date CV. Please note - we are more than happy to recruit new 'Speciality Editors' from anywhere in the UK, though we may want to say "Hi" on Skype before we get you started!

Email: with your application and CV. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Joining our course tutor team

Our OSCE-Aid course positions are always popular with junior doctors around the UK. We will update this section when we begin recruitment for our next set of OSCE-Aid Courses (Autumn 2016). Applications from all junior doctors are welcomed, though a reasonable proximity to London is useful!

last updated: 28/12/2015